Real-life horror story: The Persecution of Falun Gong – Organ Harvesting in China

On the 22nd of July, in 1999, all across mainland China for practitioners of Falun Gong the crackdown of the persecuted spiritual group began. 

What is Falun Gong? 

Falun Gong is a form of Qigong, a combination of meditation and Qigong exercises. The origins of the spiritual group can be traced back to its roots in 1992. Qigong groups saw a surge in membership during the 1980s, as the controls that marked the Cultural Revolution period (1966-76)  were removed.  The main three principles of Falun Gong focus on truth, compassion and tolerance that are rooted in morality. 

The spiritual group alludes to the underlying moral ideas broadly based on Buddhism and Taoism, whilst combining meditation and Qigong exercise.  The spiritual group has the largest number of practitioners of any spiritual group in China. Seven years after the creation of the group they had amassed over 70 million practitioners in China and 100 million worldwide.

They were and still are to this day regarded by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) as an evil cult. In fact, along with Tibetans, Uighur Muslims, democracy activists and pro-independence Taiwanese, the Falun Gong practitioners are declared by the CCP, as the “five poisons.”  The Chinese government has acknowledged these activists as posing the biggest threat to its rule. 

Protest in Dublin City Centre

Several propaganda campaigns designed by the CCP also incorporated the anti-Falun Gong education. 

Members of the Falun Gong group had to renounce their views, beliefs and practices. The alternative outcome led to torture or imprisonment in detention camps. 

The founder of Falun Gong, Li Hongzhi, is an ex-pat who now allegedly is residing in the United States. The global headquarters for Falun Gong is in Dragon Springs, which consists of a 400-acre compound around Cuddebackville in Deerpark, New York.  

However, leader Li Hongzhi has been linked with unorthodox theories namely his alleged belief that aliens have started to take over the world. Religious freedoms and human rights over the last 100 years were repressed by the CCP since its rise to power.

Organ Harvesting – 

The number of voluntary organ donations in China is extremely low on average, however, during the period China had a significant increase in transplants that coincided with the onset of persecution and detention of the Falun Gong practitioners. 

For years, organ harvesting has operated on a large scale within China, which has openly utilised prisoners in order to meet not only national but international demand. Forcible harvesting of organs from prisoners has been permitted in China since 1984.  However, according to an independent judicial investigation “Falun Gong practitioners have been one and probably the main source of organ supply.” 

In 2015, after it was reported in the BBC and many other international media outlets the process officially stopped according to China.  Prior to this announcement an investigation by BBC shed light on the quick and convenient black market set up in order to enable organ transplant for wealthy foreigners travelling to China for surgery. The tribunal’s final statement “there has been no evidence that the significant infrastructure associated with China’s transplantation industry has been dismantled and absent a satisfactory explanation as to the seamless supply and convenience of organs concludes that forced harvesting continues still.”

More than a million practitioners of Falun Gong are believed to have been killed in China’s notorious gulag system, and a further million ethnic Kazakhs and Uighur Muslims are imprisoned in labour camps. The world medical association, the Korean medical association and the Chinese medical association came to an agreement in 1998 that stated these practices were undesirable and planned to investigate and jointly stop this growing culture. 

Back in 2000, China’s political power withdrew their cooperation. Amnesty International alleged to possess strong evidence that the Chinese police, Courts and hospitals were complicit in the organ trade, facilities by the use of the mobile execution chambers, or “death vans.” As of 2013, the People’s Republic of China performed 10,000 organ transplants per year. Of note, they had no organised or effective public system of organ donation established for distribution.

If you would like to stop the persecution and organ harvesting of the Falun Gong people in China, please click here to sign the petition

Written By: Stephen O’Brien

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