Podcast: But They Didn’t Hit Me

The Social Solutions Podcast: But They Didn’t Hit Me

⚠️ Trigger Warning ⚠️

Both emotional abuse & domestic abuse are discussed in this episode, which some listeners might find disturbing.

This podcast examines what emotional abuse and domestic abuse actually is and specifically how this impacts young people.

Featuring an exclusive Interview with Mary Hayes Campaign Director at Womens Aid and an interview with Sam, who has had first hand experiences with emotional abuse in a prior intimate relationship.

As mentioned by Mary Hayes in the podcast, a study by Womens Aid in 2020 of 500 young people found that 1 in 5 women had been subjected to intimate relationship abuse and of that 1 in 5 women 92% had experienced emotional abuse.

Why not listen to the podcast linked below and find out more about these types of abuses and who to contact, if you have or are subjected to some form of abuse.

Created and produced by – Abbie Alwell

Solutionism News in collaboration with Coláiste Dhúlaigh’s 2nd year Journalism students have recently launched their brand new podcast series called ‘Social Solutions’.

In this seven-part series covering Crime, The Housing Crisis, Domestic Abuse in Young People, Golf, Animal Traditions and Cancel Culture.

Guests include: Personal stories, A Professional Golfer, An Award-Winning Crime Journalist, Ministers, A Lord Mayor & many more excellent professionals and exciting interview.

This was a CDCFE assignment in Podcast Production & Advanced Journalism Studies modules, accompanied by individual articles produced remotely for Solutionism News.


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