Podcast: Class A

Social Solutions Podcast Series – Class A

The ‘Class A’ podcast provides an interesting discussion around drugs in Irish society more specifically around the argument for the decriminalisation/ legalisation of cannabis/ drugs in Ireland, the glamourisation of drugs in Irish TV shows and much more. The ‘Class A’ podcast features an exclusive interview with award-winning crime journalist, Nicola Tallant.

Why not listen to the podcast linked below and find out more about the arguments for and against ending prohibition and the thoughts of an experienced crime journalist on this issue.

Created and produced by Kim McDonnell

Solutionism News in collaboration with Coláiste Dhúlaigh’s 2nd year Journalism students recently launched their brand new podcast series called ‘Social Solutions’.

This seven-part series covers various issues, such as; Crime, The Housing Crisis, Domestic Abuse in Young People, Golf, Animal Traditions and Cancel Culture.

Guests include: Personal stories, A Professional Golfer, An Award-Winning Crime Journalist, Ministers, A Lord Mayor & many more excellent professionals and exciting interviews.

This was a CDCFE assignment in Podcast Production & Advanced Journalism Studies modules, accompanied by individual articles produced remotely for Solutionism News.

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Article & Podcast Archive –

New Podcast

‘Unlocking Ireland’s Housing Crisis’ is the latest episode in our podcast series, which provides an enlightening overview of the historical context of the housing crisis in Ireland. This podcast delves into the potential to integrate policy adopted in Austria, which in the aftermath of the 2008 crisis reacted radically different to Ireland. We explore housing as a whole with two exclusive interviews with experts in housing.

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Podcast: Pursuit Of Happiness

The ‘Pursuit Of HAPpiness’ podcast provides a provoking insight into the Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) scheme in Ireland. Do you want to know, what it is like living as a recipient of HAP, the instability, insecurity and uncertainty of the rental market and examining how the scheme is designed more so for the landlords rather than the tenants and the devastating impacts this can have on the people availing of this scheme, who can be exploited at a moments notice.

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What HAPpens Next Ireland?

If the situation arises where financial aid is required to afford somewhere to live, there are schemes put in place to assist. The HAP scheme is there to help, or at least, it’s supposed to be. The HAP scheme is majorly flawed, and is skewing the market for everyone, not only the HAP tenants. The lack of sufficient social housing has thrown a considerable number of social housing candidates into the deep end of the private rental sector. It’s time to talk about that. 

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