About – Solutionism

Solutionism News is the first student-led, non-profit collaborative venture between all Irish colleges, which provides a hard news online platform that offers alternative solutions and integrates online activism. 

We provide analysis, insights and investigations across politics, economics, social issues and environmental issues/ sustainability. Striving to provide information to educate our readership, encourage debate and progressive discussion, whilst providing instructions on how to get active and engaged with issues that they care passionately about or directly impact them.

Our platform presents the opportunity for all kinds of student writers and aspiring journalists to bring forth a collective voice on concerning issues that may otherwise not be on the agenda of the mainstream media. 

The intention of this page will be to create a channel for educated opinions, criticism and analysis of issues currently impacting society. We care about our readers interests, so if you are interested in an issue, please feel free to follow the link below and have your say in what issues we cover.

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Be part of the solution…sign up for our newsletter today!

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