A Question of Life & Death?

Covid-19 Vaccines: A Question of Life & Death РIs the TRIPS Waiver a potential solution to the pandemic and is it an opportunity to prioritise morality and compassion instead of Big Pharma flexing an unquenchable thirst for profits. 

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The Moral Question?

At the core of the neoliberal ideology is the privatisation of public services. Water is a natural resource required by all inhabitants of this planet. A human right. Not simply a necessity to sustain oneself but central to the sanitation that has been at the heart of prosperous societies for centuries. The liquid of life, some might say.

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Case Study – Civil Society in Ireland fighting against TTIP/CETA

By – Stephen O’Brien Introduction¬† The civil society organisation this paper will critically evaluate is the Association for the Taxation of financial Transactions and Aid to Citizens Ireland (ATTAC). ATTAC Ireland was established in the country back in 1999. The organisation believes in equality, environmental sustainability and in the power of grassroots movements to push […]

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