A Question of Life & Death?

Covid-19 Vaccines: A Question of Life & Death – Is the TRIPS Waiver a potential solution to the pandemic and is it an opportunity to prioritise morality and compassion instead of Big Pharma flexing an unquenchable thirst for profits. 

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Secluded Series: Fire In The Blood – Medicine – Monopoly – Malice

Our monthly review ‘Secluded’ will discuss a documentary that falls under our (Solutionism) remit in relation to politics, economics or social issues. Fire In The Blood primarily focuses on the way in which, western pharmaceutical companies utilised patent laws subsequently this prevented some of the worlds poorest from accessing life saving HIV/AIDS treatments. FITB examines the Western reaction and response to the developing world’s AIDS crisis in the 90s, which the film’s website proclaims “the crime of the century,”

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